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UHP (Ultra High Pressure) Abrasive Water Jet - Cold Cutting;

is an innovative technique that is carried out by: 


  • Introducing an inert natural mineral abrasive into an ultra-high pressure water stream.

This specific mixture of UHP water and a cutting medium allows expert cutting through some of the toughest materials.

Utilising remotely operated UHP water/abrasive techniques,

D & P Tank Cleaning Services offer a specialised service for cold cutting redundant steel and concrete. For any size project and we pride ourselves on working in partnership with Mantank Environmental Services.

Abrasive Water Jet Cold Cutting provides a safer and more efficient alternative way to carry out work required in hazardous areas.

The system is safer than conventional cutting as it is remotely operated, eliminating the risk to the operator including occupational health issues, such as HAV (hand-arm vibration).

The output specification of our water jetting units can be manipulated to achieve maximum efficiency over a range of applications.


Cutting virtually any material including steel, concrete and ceramic materials.

Applicable to any thickness.

Spark free, ideal for flammable materials.

No heat generation.

Reduces the need for costly plant shutdown.

The Cutting Head is portable - ideal for restricted areas.

Jet cut creates its own start point so does not require an edge or need to overrun.

Good quality cut so the surface is ready for re-welding.

Single pass and multi pass options available. 

Shock free so can be used for controlled demolition.

Environmentally friendly  - no hazardous materials used or biproducts created. 

No grit contamination or disposal costs.


Common projects undertaken using: UHP Abrasive Water Jet Cold Cutting...

Hydrocarbon contaminated pipework

Access doorways into tanks for cleaning or maintenance

Decommissioning redundant plant

Fuel storage tanks
Floors and Roofs

Rubber lined vessels

Tank cutting

Concrete cutting

Hydro demolition

Cutting into “live” tanks and vessels

Gas storage cylinders (Gasometers)

Pipe cutting  – any diameter or thickness

Cutting in proximity to
Pyrophoric Materials